Article on jacks by Paul Irvin on the Harpsichord & fortepiano last issue

Just got the 50th Anniversary Issue of Harpsichord & fortepiano, Autumn 2023, with a dozen very interesting articles.

In particular the one by Paul Irvin, “Modern vs historical harpsichord plucking”, provides much food for thought, and I thoroughly recommend reading it.

There are two particular points in Irvin’s article that I deem worth discussing here, but only (quite obviously) among those who have first got the H&fp issue and read the article.

Thanks for the heads up Claudio. But I for one cannot afford this journal. I wonder how many on the list do.

Maybe you could summarise the argument for discussion here?

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Not without infringing copyrights, Andrew, I would need to quote a full page of the article! Sorry!

I was only asking you to summarize. That does not violate copyright. Neither does discussing it here.

Perhaps ask how many subscribers there are here. Possibly one, that I know of. Then you can see if this goes anywhere.

You could ask Mr Irvin to join the group, as he is clearly still active.

Just to remind everyone, I have already flagged up this article and
attempted to summarise it, under the topic heading ‘Paul Irvin’s article’

Ah, so it’s the same one.

Then we should close this thread.

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Duplicate topic. Closing.