Bauyn Manuscript edition

I came across a reference to this publication on FB. Is this a genuine thing? The cover picture seems rather blank. Other publishing details also seem contradictory (e.g. publisher Alfred Music, 864 pages (!!) ).

It looks genuine. Bruce Gustavson is a well known and reputable scholar. The facsimile, “edited” by Davitt Moroney, is about 400 pages; but, as you know, modern computer programs tend to spread music over more pages than is optimum, if you let them! The Peters cover is probably just a place keeper.


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The cover looks more like this:


Reviewed here:

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I thought that Broude had gone out of business.

The price on Amazon is a steal – no wonder it is out of stock!


Le 19/04/2024 09:08, David Pickett via The Jackrail Ă©crit :

I thought that Broude had gone out of business.

The editions were gifted to AMS.

See here:

Also explains the Peters cover.

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And here the list of titles:

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That is really very interesting!
Even more so because of this phrase:
“Accordingly, the gift has been made with the understanding that by the end of 2023, most Broude Trust titles will be accessible to AMS members in digital form via the AMS website.”
I am not a member of AMS, but if these editions are available in PDF on their website, I will probably becom a member, just for these!
Can anyone confirm that these titles are available?

I think I can clarify. The cover shown by Dennis below is that of the original Broude Trust modern edition of Bauyn, which had a few copies available on deep discount through OMI Facsimiles in New York. I recently purchased that. Meanwhile, the re-relase by Peters was announced, and although I’ve heard the supplies are currently unavailable, the intention is for that to be the in-print source now. It looks less physically pleasing, but at least the wonderful work by Broude’s editors, including Gustofson, but also C. David Harris, who made the magisterial D’Anglebert edition for Broude. At least the work will be available, though I have no idea whether the quality of printing/binding will be good. And, yes, the zillions of pages is absolutely correct. My Broude copy is FOUR thick volumes; all the Bauyn Chambonnieres, all Bauyn Louis Couperin; all the many pieces by other composers including Froberger, Hardel, Frescobaldi (SIC! giving us permission to explore Frenchified performances of his works), and a full volume of critical apparatus. I’m grateful to own the original Broude release.

I feel lucky I have also a few of them, F. Couperin, Chambonieres, d’Anglebert and a scan version of Geoffroy, and yes Indeed, these editions are VERY nice, but unfortunately unavailable anymore!
Hence my interest in the supposed availabilty of the digital version, even more so since I play almost entirely from iPad nowadays.
No members of AMS around to confirm the availabilty?

For those whose needs don’t include the valuable critical apparatus, there’s a facs. available from IMSLP - public domain to boot.

Please excuse me if this has already been mentioned.


Yes I know, I have it, but that is, well as the name implies, a facsimilé, not always as easy to read as a newly set version…
There is also an extract in modern notation by the tireless Pierre Gouin.