Bernard Brauchli RIP

Those of us interested in the clavichord will know the ground-breaking book by Bernard Brauchli The Clavichord, published by Cambridge University Press in 1998; some may have attended one or more of the twelve International Clavichord Symposia that he organised, with Christopher Hogwood, at Magnano, Italy between 1993 and 2015. It is hardly possible to overstate the beneficial effects these meetings had on clavichord playing and clavichord making worldwide.

Sadly I have to report that Bernard died on 11 November. This link has a little more information:

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Thank you for letting us know, Peter; very sad news.

I attended one of Brauchli’s symposia in the village of Magnano; it was extremely enjoyable and stimulating. A very friendly atmosphere, with performers, makers and scholars from many countries (one gentleman arrived from Japan with a clavichord strapped to his back). There were many recitals in resonant village churches, many clavichords to listen to and play, talks and discussions, and excellent convivial evening meals in a restaurant half an hour’s walk from Magnano, followed by a moonlit walk to the church where the evening recitals were held. All thanks to the energy and vision of Bernard Brauchli.

The published proceedings of the Symposia are full of interesting material; they are available from