Byrd complete

I am proud to announce that my Byrd recording has been awarded der Preis der Deutschen Schallplatten Kritik. Many thanks to Peter Arts, Andrea Friggi and Jan Willem van Willigen, for their recordings, John Baxendale for his brilliant essay on Byrd’s keyboard music, and Rie Kimura for playing violin in the Hexachord Fantasy for two players!


(I’ve listened it and much enjoyed)

Well done Pieter!!


The sheer quantity of CDs recorded by Pieter is mind-boggling (not to
mention the quality). How many would that be, counting only solo music?

I love the complete works, opera omnia etc. in music, in literature, I often buy complete works of writers or composers. Pieter probably shares the same love for “completeness” as he has recorded the complete Scarlatti, the complete Soler, the complete Byrd etc etc.
Impressive how he can record so many works with so much quality.

Chapeau! :open_mouth:

Superlative congratulations !!!


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