Continuo upside down

Years ago I was struggling with continuo. Eventually I reached a sufficient proficiency but never a true fluency. Once I had a manuscript facsimile, with the numbers written above the staff, while all the printed editions I had used until that moment had the numbers printed under the staff. I played much more easily. I tried again and I think my brain has to put the numbers (right hand) above the staff (left hand) before playing. It’s like I have a normal staff with the right hand on the lower staff and the left hand on the upper staff.
Has anyone experienced something like this? Engravers should find a mean to put the numbers above the staff, like most copyists did.

I agree completely. The figures by definition represent intervals above the bass, so to me it is logical to put them in that position. I also think there is less eye-movement required when they are printed this way. There is no issue with putting them above, at least with the software I work with (although on occasion the the upper and lower staves may need to be farther apart than looks ideal).

I also prefer the figures above the stave.