Email blacklisting

I make huge efforts to keep our email off the dozens of blacklists (I have SPF and DMARC and correct DNS, you name it…), and we have done well lately for some considerable time. But now we are back on Spamhaus and UCEPROTECT, two of the most offensive and nasty spam house blacklist services. Without paying them a large amount of money you can’t find out the reasons for being blacklisted and you cant get off. You just have to wait until they decide to expire the entry, which can take weeks or months. I particularly loathe these companies who operate out of venality ahead of so called customer protection.

So, it would appear that the main providers in Nederlands utilise one or both of these European services, which is why email can’t get delivered from us to users in Nederlands currently. And the worst part ids that end user recipients cannot do anything about this either.

I’m sorry about this but I am helpless to do anything about it. But at least we have an explanation.

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