Endangered soundboard wood

As many of you probably know, cypress wood has incredibly raised its price due to infestations in the last 20 years or so. It is infestation by Seiridium cardinale, a fungus. It’s now impossible to find neat cypress wood at a very high price: you only can find it at astronomical price. Say more than 10,000.00 euros per cubic meter. A great campaign of new implantation of cypresses has been done but the cypress has a slow growth.

Now there is another infestation which hits the Alps spruce: Trentino, Val di Fiemme, it’s the famous Stradivari spruce. Bostrico / Foreste in Trentino / Foreste / Homepage - Servizio Foreste e Servizio Faunistico (in Italian, sorry). It’s an insect named Ips Typographus (in Italian: Bostrico Tipografo): Ips typographus - Wikipedia.

In 2018 a tempest named Vaia destroyed millions of cubic meters of trees up there and created the climatic conditions for the Typographus to prosperate.
I have no updated price lists of soundboard-quality spruce so I don’t know if this plague has risen the prices, I hope not.
The plague is not over yet. It has reached a new peak during last summer (2023). Fortunately, it seems that a good part of the wood is still salvageable even from an attacked and dead tree.

Here another description of the plague, with a picture of the unsalvageable wood: Vaia e Bostrico

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