Facebook strange things

Perhaps somebody knows something.
As I told here a long time ago, some years ago I found on Facebook an “abandoned” group: “Early Music Performance Practice”.
It had about 2,000 members, scarcely any post, and something must have happened, for there were no administrators or moderators.
I became Administrator and have been the only one ever since.
I put clear rules for memberships and posting, and the group slowly but steadily became quite popular. At present we are 4603.
The average new members per day are 5, of which 3 legitimate (they appear to know what Early Music is!) and 2 do not answer membership questions: they are rejected, even if they appear to be musicians. (They never send a complaint message).

However, something has happened somewhere within the last few days: for a week or so, I am getting about 20 new membership requests daily.

Any explanation? Thanks!

This query seem misdirected. Why not ask the Facebook admin?



Good luck. Facebook admin does not help anyone. I have had problems, but there was no way I could get any reply from whoever at Facebook. You are all on your own.

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And is getting incredible: a further 24 requests in just 3 hours. Surely it is not due to my “popularity”! Facebook is a very strange place indeed.

Sorry Claudio, this is most definitely NOT the place to discuss facebook troubles. We can end this topic now. Nobody here has any power to help. Facebook is not strange, just another toxic social media site, and flooded by bots getting increasingly deceptive. My views on facebook are public and well known. I’ll not close this topic, as people see that as aggressive, but further discussion is pointless.

Dear Andrew, I respectfully reject any view that my post was “aggressive”:
Furthermore, I fail to see (and I am in good company with many widely respected harpsichordists) the “toxicity” of Facebook: I have had no issues in many years.
Independently of how the Facebook’s owner morality, or how he makes his money with advertisement, we users find in Facebook a unique opportunity for widespread communication (as opposed to discussions between peers where groups like Jackrail are obviously much superior).
And when the topic deals with Early Music performance, I found it proper to ask my Jackrail friends (which have a level of knowledge that the average Facebook user only dreams of) about related questions.
Having said this, and since you are the Admin and “he who rules makes the rules”, I am happy and ready to obey. I will refrain from any mention of Facebook from now onwards. Have a nice day!

No. you misread. I said that closing a topic is considered aggressive, nothing about you.

I have not said you can’t talk about facebook, only facebook admin troubles… Please don’t wilfully misread my posts. I have pointed out, as did others that you are not going to get any help about such a facebook issue over here, so it’s pointless. See, I should have just closed this topic.


If you wish, send me an e-mail. I think I have a solution.

@jvveen Don’t forget you can use Messaging in Discourse (web interface) to carry on private conversations if you like, with no exposure of email. It’s completely secure. Click on the username and you will find the Message button. Simple.

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Understood Andrew, no worries! :slight_smile:

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