Handel’s Water Music arranged for solo keyboard with a performance guide, a score with baroque fingerings and a score without fingerings

Dear Jackrail friends,

We have been working hard, Domenico Statuto (score organisation and typesetting), David Pickett (English text editing) and I (manuscript and text) at producing this result, as promised here in Jackrail more than three months ago.

This is the first edition that reproduces faithfully—as much as it is possible on a keyboard—the Water Music as conceived by Handel and transmitted in the extant orchestral manuscripts. A 35-page introductory essay covers everything the player needs to know about the original score and instruments, the editorial method for the keyboard arrangement, Baroque fingerings, tuning, and suggestions for interpretation. The latter include ornaments, notes inégales, hemiolas, rubato, tempi, articulation, and registration for the harpsichord as well as dynamics for the modern piano. A few pieces include an alternative score for the organ with a pedalboard.

This is an eBook formatted for both easy printing and reading from any personal computer or portable device. Please find full details in the new website http://water.braybaroque.ie/.

The eBook is sold by Payhip.com at €8.50 or its equivalent in other currencies.

My warmest thanks to Domenico and David for their invaluable contribution.


  • Errata
    We have now included in this webpage a list of minor Errata (mostly about fingerings).