Lecture: "The Leonhardt Legacy" and recital

I was invited to give a lecture and a recital in Portland, Oregon and Berkeley, California earlier this month. The Portland events were filmed and are now online.

The lecture stems from my activity with the Gustav Leonhardt Pedagogy Archive, and it is about Leonhardt’s teaching, with quotes from a number of his students. Please bear in mind that the introductory text of the lecture was written with a West Coast audience in mind.

Here is the link to my recital of 17th-century harpsichord music.

Speaking as an ignorant Australian, whatever does that mean?

I’m sure that you aren’t ignorant, Andrew.

In preparing the lecture I realised that there was a very high concentration of Leonhardt students on the West Coast of the USA. As that was the location of the lectures, it made sense to mention some of those Leonhardt students, who were known to audience members. That meant not mentioning many students in other parts of the world.

If I repeat the lecture in Amsterdam, which I hope to do, I will re-write parts so it is more relevant to my audience.