Manuscrit D'Anglebert in Auction Sale

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It seems a printed edition, isn’t it?

Indeed Domenico. According to the auction announcement, it is indeed a printed edition, and not even the first and very rare one of 1689, but the fourth one of 1725.
Some contemporary editions are far from rare.
I have Jean-Jacques Rousseau Dictionnaire de Musique, printed in 1765.
More than a hundred copies are extant.
Some time ago one of them was sold online for a few hundred dollars.
This one is surely more rare and likely to fetch more. How much more is the question.

Ay quite right Domenico, so Manuscrit isn’t the right word, apologies from me again.
So yes, an example of the ENGRAVED 4th edition, 1725, after the original editions of 1689 (20 examples known), then 1700 (Roger) and 1703 (Ballard). This info lifted direct from the link, no claims here to what one might call Scholarship…

D’Anglebert died shortly after his 1689 edition, therefore these are not “author’s improved” editions. Let me abridge from Kenneth Gilbert’s introduction to his d’Anglebert edition (Heugel, 1975): Ballard 1703 was a reprint using the same plates, Roger 1704 was a new engraving, and K.Gilbert only found relevant the 1st edition and an important extant manuscript by d’Anglebert himself.
I conclude that the 4th edition item now on auction is unlikely to be of special interest, although one never knows …

There is surely a Broude facsimile, if copies can still be found.


I have the Broude Brothers ”Performers’ Facsimile 245,” a facsimile of the amazingly clean and playable 1704 Amsterdam edition, purchased sometime in the mid-1970s at their location just across from Lincoln Center.

The fly leaf indicates it is a copy of the Amsterdam c.1704 edition belonging to the Irving S. Gilmore Music Library at Yale University, New Haven.

The fly leaf also indicates that the 1689 Paris First Edition is also available in facsimile in the ”Monuments of Music and Music Literature” series.


The 1689 edition is also available at IMSLP in both b/w and colo[u]r:èces_de_clavecin_(D’Anglebert%2C_Jean-Henri)

Sold an hour ago for €5,100 (not including 30% buyer’s premium).

For reference, a first edition was sold at Sotheby’s over a decade ago for a hammer price of €16,250 (over €20,000 in today’s money).

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