Muselaars with child

Were there any muselaars with child instruments? I thought only spinet virginals were moeder und kind.

Thsi is an instrument by a maker Jef van Boven on this CD:

Is this not simply a modern confection?

Umm…the oldest surviving Ruckers at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City is exactly this…a muselar mother and child. So not at all a modern confection!


@DongsokShin Excellent! Thanks so much. The power of the forum!

Wonderful instrument.

[Over here in Australia we are deprived of being able to just drop in to these collections.]

Searching Boalch-Mould online I could spot a few other Mother-and-child muselaars: they were not a rarity.

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I found another one. Hans Ruckers.

Double virginal | Yale School of Music