Musical hoaxes

I start a new thread as this is completely off-topic.

Tw Murach:

Yes your post was very clear the 432 thing is nothing else than crap. However Andrew said this subject is banned from jackrail as a serious conversation, so I guess it’s admitted as an amusing conversation about people’s craziness. :grinning:

Wasn’t it about the resonance of the universe? Or maybe the resonance of the water? (whatever that means)

Only once I engaged a conversation with a 432 supporter. After a while I was VERY tired and asked: why A? I mean, ok: universe or water or air or whatever resonates at 432 (which is crap by the way), but then why we should associate 432 to A? Why not associate it to Csharp or E? Or maybe to Bb so the A would be about 392 and every harpsichordist would be happy?
He maintained that A is the first note of the scale so of course it’s associated. And he was Italian! so the entire conversation was not about A B C D and so on, but about DO RE MI FA etc.
The 432 is associated to all sort of mental and body health (maybe or cells resonate to 432 as well).

Crazy, but probably not worse than the all-Italian-hoax about Mozart, endorsed by two musicologists who studied in the same University I studied (sigh!). Mozart was not the author of all those masterpieces we know. For less than half, they are not masterpieces but a boy’s joke; for more than half, they were written by Italian obscure composers; all attributed to Mozart by a giant conspiration of the Germans to steal Italian music from Italians and attribute to Germans composers. Ugh!

(of course, no other Italian musicologist or musician is going to follow that craziness. The hoax couple (they arr hisband and wife) does sell a great quantity of their book, though)

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That’s an ingenious way to get around my ban!

Perhaps a topic “Folia”.

I’d never take such liberties! Of course you can delete the thread if you think otherwise.

I’ve genuinely thought your ban was only against a crap topic if discussed as a serious one. My topic was not “is the 432 thing a thing?”, but “conspiracy theories and hoaxes of various sort do not relate to politics, economics, climate and so on, only; but to music as well.”
On the other hand, people’s craziness IS definitely a serious topic - even though an off-topic in a harpsichord forum, of course.
Take for example the Mozart hoax I’ve cited. It’s dangerous for general music knowledge, for the thousands of copies they sold; and it’s dangerous because the nationalist innuendos on each and every page. A group of serious Italian musicologists have opened a website to debunk it word for word: I think it’s too much and risks spreading that absurd thesis while trying to debunk it, but this proves it’s something many think worth of beware of.
So, if I was a forum admin, I’d ban any discussion on subject “Jupiter is crap music or Mozart didn’t compose it”, but I’d admit a discussion on subject “there are some crazy people who wrote a couple books on this, and they sold thousands copies”. Of course I’m not the admin and so this just my opinion.

The 432 hoax is somewhat a different issue. But the psychological tricks are the same: from “people ar reptils from another planet” to “never been on the Moon” to “432 is the universe’s tune and “they” are hiding that in order to spread all sort of illnesses”, and hundreds of similar hoaxes.

Of course I agree it’s a bit off-topic, as I said.