New list of books and articles

Dear Friends,

during his last years, and especially the last two when he knew that his end was near, the late Prof. Barbieri was hard at work in revising the best of his 100+ published articles on musical acoustics and temperament, and including them into a few valuable treatises. He also graciously had all his articles scanned and uploaded into his webpage, so that anybody could access them for free online.

I am quite well at present, but I am certainly no youngster either, so with my much more modest 34 articles, I have followed Barbieri’s example. Within the last few years I uploaded most of my papers to I have now proceeded to:

  1. scan my older articles, which were hitherto not available as computer files, and upload the PDF’s to my webpage.
  2. produce a new webpage where I have listed list those papers of mine in that can found updated/expanded in my own books and editions.

Hope the above can be useful to my readership. Thanks everybody for their kind attention.

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Very generous, but we want you to stay here well and alive for many decades.