New Music for Harpsichord

Recommendations for harpsichord music written after 1990?

I’ve played and taught (and hence also in fact: listened to) Mark Janello’s Six Harpsichord Miniatures (2012), which are really quite nice, more on the “sounds well on the instrument” side on the spectrum of options, as opposed to the “literally quite smashing” side. I found some more recent pieces involving the harpsichord on his list with recent compositions (below on this page). Much of it can be listened to on Youtube.

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In November 2019 I heard a lovely new piece: /Enno Kastens –
Schattenreise. /It was played by Medea Bindewald in Oxford {UK}. Sounded
a bit like an unmeasured prelude.//If you’re interested, I can provide
Medea’s contact info. Regards, Dale =================//

Sorry for posting this at the wrong topic, but for some reason I could not post this message, so I tried by replying.

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The Passacaglia sounds great (Ligeti-ish) and you can’t be free!

Please. I don’t know if you can PM through this site, but I am on Facebook.

I can provide pdfs of works by two Mexican composers I know:

Hébert Vázquez’ Caprichio sopra SC [014] (1997),

Leonardo Coral’s Suite para Clavacîn (2010), written for Michael Tsalka.

Email me at

This may be OT, since I think some of the music dates from before 1990, and it’s not a recommendation since I haven’t heard it. But I’m passing it along, for better or worse, because it is not every day that something of this ilk comes to my inbox!

I just got the newsletter from Hyperion Records. The lead item is an album called Musique? by Mahan Esfahani (link). The description reads:

“Under Mahan Esfahani’s hands—and occasionally fists—the harpsichord is transmogrified into an elemental force, by turns supported or menaced by an astonishing arsenal of electronics. Concerned listeners please note: no harpsichords were harmed in the making of this album.”

Hyperion newsletters often list albums of theirs that made the classical bestseller lists in the UK. Somehow I think this won’t be among them . . .

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