Obscure composer of the week

Blandine Verlet plays:

Where can one obtain facsimiles or scores? IMSLP only has fragments.

This music seems to be out of print everywhere, I have this booklet, but it seems these are other suites, it is an old facsimile edition from somewhere in Belgium. (A3 format as A4 booklet with staples)
There are a few of his pieces also in De Gruijters Beiaardboek (carillon music from 18th century).
Since I am digitizing most of my music, I can put it under the Xerox some day, if you are not in a hurry!
Drop me an email so I will remember!

@Jeroen thank you.

I wonder if any library has a copy of the original publications? For example your copy has a library stamp Bibliotheque Bruxelles. Anybody here in Belgium could they find out? That would be great.

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Even better news: I knew I had more, and a little search in my bookshelf brought also his second livre to light which contains the first piece Blandine Verlet plays here, and the other pieces are in livre 1.
I know that they have this music in the Netherlands Music Institute (NMI) in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague, but I have not found out if they have digital scans availble. Years ago I went there and ordered prints from the microfilms.
When I have time I will scan them both (and more) as part of my project to move to pdf (will take years for everything I am afraid…)