Hi Harpsichord friends,

About Passions, since it’s a current matter.
And recordings are welcome in this strange lockdown time.

I just wanted to mention this recording I’ve made 25 years ago :
an anonymous but extremely beautiful St Matthew Passion my brother Jean-Luc Gester, a musicologist (he died in 2006), found at the Uppsala library. This manuscript from 1667 has come down to us in the format of an organ tablature (that’s probably why musicologists didn’t pay attention to it for centuries, even recently : it’s not even mentioned in recent dictionaries, though it appears to be I milestone in the passion’s history).

An extremely stimulating composition.

Early Music has published a whole page about this achievement/ Conclusion was : “extremely moving. Thank you so much”.

in Spotify :

in iTunes

There is a live recording (low definition, alas, as for the sound and the music, and not the same casting) available here Philharmonie à la demande - Ermes 2.0
The CD is better regarding all aspects.

In case of need : I can send you a PDF file of the booklet. Just tell me.