Personal details in signatures

Just another periodical reminder, please keep in mind that because I was asked to open this forum to the public so that people could read with registering (I don’t know why but that’s up to the individual) we are now scanned by several hundred bots daily, according to the logs. They scour posts for email addresses and phone numbers. I can’t prevent this now.

Many people access the forum by email and consequently include automatically appended signatures with private information unwittingly. This is not good. As I have mentioned before here, posts on a Discourse forum do not require a signature, or even a name at the end, as it is clear from your user login and you can always be PM’d if required. So the preferred etiquette is, delete auto added signatures before posting or replying.

I don’t want The Jackrail to be the source of spam and attacks for people.

While I am in housekeeping mode, don’t forget to edit replies to include only the directly pertinent information for quotes. Don’t quote whole posts. It’s simply not necessary. I’ll generally edit such posts down if people forget from time to time. The web interface Quote function makes this really easy.