Please do not put signatures with your email here

A reminder - please don’t add signatures to posts, especially do not put your email here. I have mentioned this several times before. New users may perhaps be unaware.

The reason is that people asked me to open the site to the public without needing to make an account (I have never understood this, but I complied) and this means we are scoured by dozens (more than dozens) of bots daily, whose job it is to collect email address and names for sale to spammers. This means your email on this forum can lead to spam for you, and a put dent in out mail non-spam reliability index. Attempts at obfuscating email addresses are also futile because anything that can be decoded by a human can now also be decoded by bots - they are getting very smart.

It’s a convention on Discourse forums to not put signatures in your posts, as you can be messaged and recognized by your user id, and it just takes up space, and can produce vulnerabilities for you.

Sorry to pester with perennial messages but these things are important.

In order to protect users from spam originating from bots that have scanned The Jackrail, I will edit posts with personal signatures and emails in them (obviously touching no other context).

Thank you for your understanding.