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Dear Andrew

This is quite timely, as Andrea Goble died on April 25, and his funeral was held on May 31. His passing marks the end of an era. I have yet to see anything appear in appreciation of his life’s work.

Goble was building keyboard instruments from the mid-1940s. They were finely crafted with choice veneers. While most of their production remained in the United Kingdom, instruments were exported not only to the far reaches of the British Empire, but also a sprinkling to various European countries, North America and even Argentina.

Like many makers by the mid-1970s, they were beginning to shift their production away from their earlier revival-style instruments towards models based more on historic principles of construction. By 2002, they had produced 939 instruments. I know of 34 in Australia, several of which remain much-loved by their owners.



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Dear Andrea R.I.P

I plyed in the 80th a recital in the Hoelywell Musicroom in Oxford on the Goble Hass

A wonderful instrument

Johan Brouwer

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Thank you for this, Carey. I too cannot find anything in the British press, or elsewhere, in acknowledgement. In an ideal world, it would seem imperative, given the enormous contribution he made to music and the harpsichord (following his father Robert, founder of the family firm), that a commemorative piece is published to mark Andrea’s passing.

Whether or not this eventually happens…who knows, but the British Harpsichord Society would welcome any contributions, however short, by way of tribute - to be carried on the British Harpsichord Society’s website. Contact:

Pamela Nash