Scarlatti K9

From one of our very own members:


Bravo Dongsok!
And by the way, oh, I’d want a Cristofori fp!

Thanks Domenico. This earliest surviving Cristofori piano at the Metropolitan Museem in New York City is also the most modified of the three surviving pianos. It is still a thrill to get to play it. But I can tell you when I tried one of Kerstin Schwarz’s Cristofori copies of the Leipzig instrument, I would have bought it immediately if I could afford it!

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Lovely- and a surprisingly gentle guitarlike sound, if like me you are not familiar with Christofori’s fps.

In my visit to Rome 20 years ago, Prof. Latanza, Director of the Museo Nazionale degli Strumenti Musicali in Rome, let me examine the earliest fortepianos they had: there was a Cristofori grand 1722, not in playing order, and a square piano by Erard, 1781, in perfect playing order, a pleasure to play.