Thanks for welcoming me!

Good morning, everyone,
Thanks for admitting me to this forum. I’m an organist and harpsichordist based in Toronto, ON, Canada. I do quite a lot of continuo and chamber music work on both instruments, and some solo harpsichord as the opportunity arises. My home instrument is a single-strung Colin Booth Italian from 1986, from Colin Tilney’s collection, and which is a gem. At church we have (at least for the moment) a professionally-assembled Hubbard 1769 Taskin kit from the 1980s that we are in the process of restoring–it’s coming out quite respectably, and should make a good solid workhorse institutional instrument. The various technical discussion threads here have been extremely helpful, so my thanks to all of you.
Looking forward to lots of listening and learning from the wealth of knowledge on these pages.

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Welcome Jonathan!
And thank you for your self-introduction, much appreciated.
Hope you will enjoy staying here.