The rediscovery of the Johannes Ruckers harpsichord 1632

An interesting video:

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Wow. Amazing.

My comment would be that a visual inspection requiring no machinery establishes it as a Bull ravelement, and the massively expensive spectrum analysis tools really only help to pin down a date range for the ravelement, which to me, does not really matter much, although I admit is is of some medium interest.

The most striking thing is the preservation of much of the original Ruckers case inside the enlarged new case. I can’t figure out the reason for that.

Now I wonder what these folks with Raman Spectrometers can do with violin varnish!

Very interesting indeed. One small caution: the on-screen translations into English are not 100% accurate. For example, if I’m not mistaken I read “soundboard” but heard “klankkast” {which means ‘case’}.


Probably machine auto-generated.