Unequal Temperaments, new 5th edition

Dear Friends,

Since its 1st edition of 2008, the Unequal Temperaments eBook has always been Bray Baroque’s best-seller. We are committed to keep introducing improvements every few years.

We have just launched our 5th edition, which includes all the amendments and additions in our “Errata and Addenda” document (available to owners of the 4th ed.) plus countless minor improvements.

As always, full information about this book is provided in the Unequal Temperaments website: where a full detail of enhancements for the 5th edition can be read here.

Thank you for your kind attention.
Best Regards,

Bray Baroque
Bray (Ireland) and Lucca (Italy)

PS: As always, there are no free updates for owners of previous editions. However, those readers ho have bought the 4th edition after the 30th June 2020 are welcome to email me at j c l a u d i v >at> g m a i l . c o m stating the date of purchase, and will get a free copy of the new 5th edition.

With minor changes, I inserted the above in my own Facebook page. Then I tried to post the text in 4 Facebook groups: HARPSICHORD-CEMBALO, Organists, Noi Clavicembalisti and Early Music Performance Practice.
In all cases, Facebook rejected my post, saying that it goes against Facebook e-commerce rules. I am awaiting an automatic “appeal”.
The text is essentially the same I have posted, for many years, every time I have a book published. It is not a direct sales pitch either: my post links to the books’ webpage, which includes a link to the book’s vendor (Payhip).
Any idea what is going on now?
One can no longer communicate about a new book?
Thanks for any information on this!

Hello Claudio, since the whole purpose of this forum is to get away from the dumbed down trivial and ephemeral space that facebook provides [I know that is harsh, but imagine having the discussion going on about learned Latin on facebook, for example!], I am not particularly sympathetic to the problem - but of course you are by all means welcome to discuss it here - but if you look at facebook policy for ecommerce:

You will see:

Subscriptions and Digital Products

Listings may not promote the buying or selling of downloadable digital content, digital subscriptions, and digital accounts.

So the mention of downloadable content has triggered their algorithm. You’ll have to slug it out with facebook I am afraid.

Thanks for your comment Andrew. The question subsists why I (and thousands of others) have been so far able to advertise ebooks in Facebook without problems. Only in one group the admin (Jon Baxendale) has ever objected to any post of mine, and with good reason: the group especially forbade this type of posts.
I guess Facebook keeps enforcing new algorithms and automatons.
And strange things happen: for example, I requested the review for all the 4 groups, but Facebook immediately approved the post in one of them, but not in the others. I also tried to post “the first half” of my original post, just changing the “best-seller” with “successful”, and this is going through with no problem!
The point is, nowadays, new publications about almost everything get 90% of their diffusion online via Facebook.
OK, anyway I guess I know how to beat the monster so far …

If you have time to waste, you could try to find out what FB found
suspicious. My guess would be the “free updates” you mention. If the
updates are free (or not), that means you’re trying to sell some kind of
digital content.


Le 04/09/2021 13:30, Claudio Di Veroli via The Jackrail écrit :

Thanks Dennis!
Indeed, what Facebook likes or not appears to depend … on the group!
And it was not the “free updates”, but probably the “ebook” word.
It was not consistent either. Here is the final result!:

  • Group Noi Clavicembalisti: post went through with no issues.
  • Groups HARPSICHORD-CEMBALO, Organists, The facebook’s early music group: I just posted the first half of the post, then a comment with the link and a second comment with the “free updates”: no issues either!
  • Groups Early Music Performance Practice (hey, I’m the sole Admin of this one!) and Pipe Otgan Tuners: here the first half was rejected. I posted only the “U.T. 5th ed.” line, followed by a comment including just the link to the webpage: this went through.

One way or the other, end of the story.
Thanks to everybody again for their comments!

I think you would find, if you considered the why behind FB’s ban on “advertising digital content,” that it is purely a commercial proposition. FB is a business based on selling advertisements. They want you to buy an ad. If they allow anyone to make such an announcement without charge, why would anyone buy their ads? So their algorithms are designed to try to flag such posts.

How are you Fred?
Absolutely correct!
What is not correct is that I get different Fb rejections in different groups and that, eventually, by fragmenting the post into three sections (post + 2 comments) I reached my destination groups anyway!
And the result of three days of advertising are there to be seen:
I have sold … ONE copy (which may therefore belong to the usual one or two copies sold on average every week …).
All the best!

But is not the basic objection of Fakebook, as stated, to E-books? Maybe this explains why certain people get to advertise frequently on the harpsichord page. Lyrebird Press is one example and there are many people who shamelessly advertise their CD recordings there. Is it also a question of approval by the “owner” of the page?

[quote=“CDV, post:8, topic:685”]
And the result of three days of advertising are there to be seen:
I have sold … ONE copy (which may therefore belong to the usual one or two copies sold on average every week …).[/quote]

This is surely a tribute to the power of advertising on Fbk. Or, rather, it tends to indicate that people probably do not read the content on such pages. It seems to me that Fbk only operates successfully when it floods people’s screens with the same thing all the time. This is beyond advertising: it is a propaganda game.

This being the case, even if he were allowed to post a single ad on four separate Fbk groups every so often, Claudio could be seen to be wasting his time by doing so.

All very sad.


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