Yet another type of virginal

Matthias Griewisch has made, and recorded, a ‘Virginal nach Michael Praetorius, 1620’. I don’t know this kind of instrument. The keyboard is not to the right or left, but very nearly in the middle. Sounds good.

The original drawing looks like it has split sharps. Interesting.

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A version of Time Stannds Still for reference.

Nothing to do with virginals, but marvellous nevertheless.

Time stands still with gazing on her face,
stand still and gaze for minutes, houres and yeares, to her give place:
All other things shall change, but shee remaines the same,
till heavens changed have their course & time hath lost his name.
Cupid doth hover up and downe blinded with her faire eyes,
and fortune captive at her feete contem’d and conquerd lies.

When fortune, love, and time attend on
Her with my fortunes, love, and time, I honour will alone,
If bloudlesse envie say, dutie hath no desert.
Dutie replies that envie knowes her selfe his faithfull heart,
My setled vowes and spotlesse faith no fortune can remove,
Courage shall shew my inward faith, and faith shall trie my love.

The original lute song:

I wonder where this kbd transcription comes from?

It looks like the transcription may be his own.

Yes, split sharps for E flat, and for the broken octave. But seemingly not for the G sharp.

From De Organografia, 1619

Suspected as much. Nicely done.

Lovely instrument made by very skilled maker. His cat on the soundboard is a charming touch.